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Grismar's EVE Wiki : ArmorTanking

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Armor Tanking

Armor Tanking is when you have a ship that is specifically outfitted with gear that boosts the resistances and regeneration of your armor to a point that it is very tough to wear it down. Armor Tanking is best done on ships that have very strong armor.

Armor tanking can be very deceptive during PvP to your opponents. An unexperienced pilot may find it quite alarming that they destroyed your shields quite fast but can't seem to put a dent in your armor. Armor tanking works just like shield tanking and any armor tanker will be completely unconcerned with their shield strength. Armor tanking effectively requires good Mechanic skills to use the best equipment.

Modules used in Armor Tanking

Armor plates
Plates add hitpoints to your armor. The skill "Hull Upgrades" is needed to use these. Plates have somewhat high grid requirements. These are passive modules (see ActivePassive.) The best named module, Rolled Tungsten, is better than the tech 2 variety of armor plates.

Repair modules
These modules repair damage taken to your armor. The skill Repair Systems is needed to use these; each level decreases the amount of time the module needs to repair a certain amount of damage. These are active modules, and can suck up much capacitor.

Resistance Modules
Resistance Modules are designed to increase your resistance to damage; lowering the amount of damage taken will cause your repairer will be much more effective. All resistance modules require various levels of the "Hull Upgrades" skill.

There are two types of passive resistance modules, Resistance Plating and Energized Plating. Most plating modules resist a certain type of damage (see DamageTypes ) but Adaptive Nano Plating gives a smaller resist to all damage types, and Regenerative Plating increases the hitpoints of your armor by a percentage, without adding resistance.

Damage Controls and ArmorHardeners are active modules that function similarly to plating, except that they require energy and must be activated. ArmorHardeners increase armor resistance to one damage type. Damage controls increase resistance by only a small amount, however they have the advantage of a low energy costs, and they increase resistances to all damage types, not only to armor but to hull and shield as well.

Other Skills that Assist Armor Tanking

There are other skills that are needed for good armor tanking. Armor compensation skills, such Thermal Armor Compensation, increase the resistance given by plating and hardeners. Because of the need to run active modules, Engineering skills that increase your CapacitorPower are also needed.

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