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Grismar's EVE Wiki : Autopilot

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All ships are fitted with an autopilot, which helps to ease the burden of navigating between solar systems. Your autopilot can plot a course between two solar systems and navigate your ship from one to the other. By using the advanced features of the autopilot you may add solar systems as waypoints, to be visited en route. The route taken can also be fine tuned to avoid systems of high or low SecurityStatus, or pod-killing zones.

The autopilot is very versatile, but it does have its limitations. Most importantly, it is for flying between systems. Once your ship arrives at its destination, the autopilot will disengage and you will sit motionless in space next to the jump gate you came through. You cannot set a particular space station within a system as your destination. Be prepared to take manual control of your ship as soon as your destination is reached, especially if it is in a dangerous region of the galaxy.

Using the autopilot

To use your autopilot

  1. Set a destination (see below for many ways to do this).
  2. Fine tune your route or set additional waypoints if required.
  3. Undock if you are not already in space.
  4. Activate the autopilot by clicking the Activate autopilot button, a circle containing an A to the left of your HUD.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the journey.
  6. If you need to deactivate your autopilot during the journey, click the A icon again or press Ctrl-Space.

Setting a destination

There are many ways to select a destination system, most of which start with a right-click. In all these cases, you may add the system as a waypoint rather than setting it as a destination.

Using waypoints

Your route does not need to have just a single destination. You can use waypoints to call at particular systems en route or force your route to go via a particular system. You can also use them to force your route to avoid a system that the autopilot would normally plot a course through. In the Autopilot tab of the map screen, use the buttons Disable autopilot at each waypoint and Continue non-stop to final waypoint to control whether you stop off at each waypoint or travel straight through them to your destination.

Your route is shown both on the top right of the map screen and in the Waypoints tab of the World Map Control Panel. The waypoints tab offers the most control over your route. It will show your current system, your waypoints (if any are set) and your destination. If the Waypoints expanded box is checked, all systems on the route are displayed.

The order in which the waypoints are visited can be changed. To do this manually, select a waypoint and use the Move to top, Move up, Move down and To bottom buttons. The Optimize button will try to create the shortest route containing your chosen waypoints.

To remove a waypoint, right-click it and use Remove waypoints. To remove all waypoints, right click in the map window (not on a system) and use Remove all waypoints.

Fine-tuning your route

In the map screen, the Autopilot tab of the World Map Control Panel allows you to fine-tune the way in which the autopilot plots a course. This is useful if you want to avoid systems in insecure (or secure) empire space.

The Prefer shorter - ignore security status button will always try to plot the shortest route to your destination. If you feel unsafe in insecure empire space (systems with a SecurityStatus below 0.5) use the Prefer safer - stay in 0.5 to 1.0 where possible button. Alternatively, if you want to stay out of secure empire space use the Prefer less secure - stay in 0.0 to 0.4 where possible button. The latter option is useful if your SecurityStatus prevents you from entering secure empire (see the rules on security status and travel). While these buttons are useful, they cannot help if there is no route available meeting your safety criteria.

The Security penalty slider fine tunes the effect of using the Prefer... buttons. Move it to the left and it will allow the route to move through systems of lower security status. Move it to the right and it will allow the route to move through systems of higher security status. This feature is not well documented; the best way to see how it works is to experiment.

The Try to stay out of pod killing zones will attempt to avoid those systems in which one or more players have recently been pod killed (see the section on PlayerDeath). Using it may mean that there are no suitable routes to your destination - it will be reported as 10,000 jumps away or as DestinationUnreachable.

A final note on safety

If you are travelling through insecure empire space (systems of SecurityStatus 0.4 or lower), take a moment to do a quick safety check. Go to the Display Settings tab of the World Map Control Panel. On the Stars sub-tab in the Statistics section, click the Ships destroyed in the last 1 hour button. If there is a big yellow or red blob in an insecure system on your route, think about changing your plans - that system may well be infested with pirates.

Current EVE version: 2.08.3582 (Exodus)

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