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Grismar's EVE Wiki : CONCORD

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The CONCORD Assembly is the Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command - an organisation founded with the intention of regulating interactions between the major empires in EVE. In order to avoid becoming politically partisan, CONCORD established its independence from the empires and now operates as a self-governing peacekeeping and administrative body.

CONCORD as a whole consists of several departments, of which three are likely to be of immediate concern for most pilots: the Interstellar Services Department (ISD), the Secure Commerce Commission (SCC), and the Directive Enforcement Department (DED).

The ISD monitors and moderates communication channels and provides assistance to pilots. The SCC controls trade and industry, setting universal tax rates and providing insurance services. But when players speak of CONCORD, particularly in terms of having been attacked and destroyed by CONCORD, it is more than likely that they refer to the DED - the 'police' of EVE.

CONCORD DED is an NPC corporation and serves to keep the peace and enforce the law in empire space. If any hostile act is committed against a player by another player in secure space (1.0 - 0.5 security rating) then CONCORD will quickly respond and the offending player will equally quickly become space dust. Attempting to resist CONCORD is generally very unwise: they have a vast fleet of available ships, all extremely heavily armed.

CONCORD also maintains law-enforcement 'gate camps' in empire space and will attack and destroy any pilot attempting to enter the system with too low a personal security rating.
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