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Grismar's EVE Wiki : CharacterBio

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Character Biography

On your character sheet you'll find a tab where you can write your pilot's biography. It will appear on your characters info to whoever looks at it. This article explains what it is good for, what you can do with it and what you should avoid.

Many people use (and abuse) the character bio to advertise their sales, show their allegiance to corps and alliances or just to tell you to stay away before you get a missile upside the head. Others take it serious and write elaborate background stories.

Possible uses

As noted above, usage of bio space is very much up to player's preference and you can choose one of many ways to do it or combine several together. Following "cases" should give you some ideas, and while you're in space, take a look at other players and their bio pages to see sometimes ingenious tricks.

Role-playing the story
Role-playing the story is the most obvious choice, but requiring some serious effort because telling a story in several sentences is a craft. When starting, you may just put there several basic background facts about your character, basing on the heritage and race information that you can find in background fiction in the corresponding sectionleaving this site of the Eve Online site.

Role-playing allows you to feel better the life in-character, not just looking at the game as a casual entertainment. For many people this will allow to integrate better into the world and find new, deeper layers of sense in racial and corporate relationships.

If you're working with new players a lot, or conducting a corporation, sometimes you need handy and accessible-by-everyone reference about ore, complexes, agents etc. You might keep these bits in the in-game "notes", but copying them to other players is annoying. Therefore you can save time for yourself and your team if you create a reference section in your bio. Then you'll be sure that links you need are always just a click away.

Psychological offense
Or, naming things their own names, it's our good old Threatening -- if you're playing PVP-style, putting into your bio scary or offending quotes, pieces of killmails or logs might be interesting idea, but be careful -- it's too easy to get carried away and overdo with emotional impact to the point of ridicule.

Your bio is your bio, and you are free to do almost everything with it, but avoiding direct insults and staying away from shameless boasting or smack-talk is a good style for grown-up player. Being grammatically challenged also doesn't help your image much.

Editing Bio

Whichever you choose, there's a couple of things you should know. You can use the controls in the bio tab on your character sheet to edit the color, size and other attributes of the text. You can also add links by selecting the text, hitting the URL button then entering the url you want the text to point to. Be careful not to click the URL when editing though. Due to a bug, the editor will try to load the page in your bio and you'll lose whatever was there before.

And whether it's a bug or a feature: if you add URLs to your bio, be aware that the link will load in your bio window (the bio display actually seems to be a small IGB window). This is rather nice if you want to make a smashing, multipage bio with some pictures but it can go horribly wrong if you link to some (oog) page. Also, be careful with the use of URLs as many bio's have been bugged by them. It is recommended that you either put a single link in or to use none at all.

Actually, you can also right-click the link and select "open new view" from menu, and this will make things simpler as soon as you get used to right-click every link (don't worry, in Eve almost everything is right-clickable, and it's one of the main ways to interface with the world so you will soon develop the habit).

Current EVE version: 2.08.3582 (Exodus)

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