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Grismar's EVE Wiki : DamageTypes

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This article explains the different damage types in EVE and gives a brief overview of the factions in EVE and what damage types they typically deal.

There are four damage types in EVE: image Electromagnetic (EM), image Explosive, image Kinetic, and image Thermal.

The different weapons and ammunitions in EVE inflict one or more of these damage types. Conversely, the shields and armour of different ships will be able to resist these damage types to varying degrees. In general terms, explosive and kinetic damage is better at punching through a ship's armour, while EM and thermal damage is more effective against shields.

Damage types inflicted by different weapon classes

Some weapon types always inflict a particular type of damage; others are more versatile.

Damage types inflicted by different factions

The different factions found throughout the EVE galaxy have favoured weapon types. If you know that you will be fighting a particular faction, you may be able to predict the types of damage that they will inflict on you. Fitting modules on your ship to help it resist this damage may mean the difference between defeat and victory.

Although faction ships have favoured weapons, many also carry missiles that may do different damage types. If you know the specific ships you will be up against, you should consult a list of npc damage and resistance types (such as this site).

Main Damage types to use on npc factions:

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The damage by weapon type seemed to fit naturally on this page. Now I'm not too sure. The damage by faction needs fleshing out; I'll do it later if nobody beats me to it. I haven't added any WikiNames - they would be for weapon types and factions, which probably need a consistent WikiNaming scheme.

I've tried not to use double spaces after full stops, but it's a reflex action. I think I've taken most of them out.
-- DrFoop (2005-10-24 04:02:50)
Thanks for the effort there ^^. Yeah agree on a scheme, shouldn't be too farfetched either. Kinda agree on the damage by weapon, but leave it here for now. Might move that entire part of the article to just WeaponTypes or perhaps WeaponDamage, describing the weapons in more detail. The choice between brief articles on the one hand and keeping related data together on the other isn't an easy one...
-- GrismarAdmin (2005-10-24 14:19:48)
Oh, I remember seeing a nice table of damage distribution among the factions. Can't reproduce it like that, or find it for that matter. But will ask around on help channel and try to get that in here.
-- GrismarAdmin (2005-10-24 14:20:57)
Yes, the faction type stuff is rather messy. I started off with basic factions, then thought that the subtypes ought to be put in, then... it was a mess. I probably ought to edit it so that it goes by major faction affiliation then subtype but I can never remember which hybrid rats are caldari and which are gallente.
-- DrFoop (2005-10-24 15:35:01)
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