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What is EVE Online?

EVE Online is a science fiction MMORPGleaving this site, where you play a so-called pod pilot. Pod pilots controls their ship through an interface so tight, they almost become one with the ship they pilot.

Currently, the game features no content that shows your character outside of their ship, which means you essentially 'are' the ship when playing the game. An announced future feature that goes by the name of 'ambulation' is set to change this and is slated to be released Q4 2008 at the soonest.

The size of EVE

With a choice of 100's of types of ships, flying in 1,000's of solarsystems, with 10,000's of space stations near moons and planets, EVE is worthy of the 'massive' predicate. But EVE also deserves the 'massively multiplayer online' moniker as a whole. It is the only MMORPG that manages to host more than 40,000 players simultaneously every sunday, on a single unsharded and uninstanced world. That is to say, all those 40,000 players are in one world, able to interact with any of the others. The total number of subscribers is over 200,000.

EVE Online has experienced constant growth in terms of new content and game mechanics, but the size of the galaxy has remained the same. Initially, a large chunk of the galaxy was visible but unreachable because no gates led to those systems, but part of that space has become available as the so-called drone regions. A small part of the galaxy is still unreachable and is supposed to house the elusive Jovians.

The story of EVE

This immense universe, with its thousands of denizens, forms the backdrop of a continually evolving storyline. Both fiction introduced by the creators of the game CCPleaving this site and that based on events caused by large player factions shape EVE's history as it unfolds. Some groups of players focus on roleplay that matches the background stories, but most see EVE for what it is: a universe unto itself, with its own story, in which the players are the actors.

Politics, trade, espionage and intelligence play as big a role as combat prowess, resource gathering and careful planning and construction do. As such, EVE attracts a broad group of players of all nationalities and ages. Once you get established in the game and learn enough to be able to see the bigger picture, it becomes the sandbox many MMOG players are looking for.

What sets EVE apart from other MMO's?

A number of features are unique to EVE Online when comparing it to other MMO's or other space simulations. EVE's combat system is not a 'twitch' combat system, allowing for more complex and tactical game play. Combat is unforgiving and losing a fight means losing a ship and everything on it, which often represents a large part of what the player owns in the game. Most fans of EVE consider this severe penalty for death to be one of the main aspects that sets PvP in EVE apart.

EVE has a lively and actually player-driven economy. Thanks to a very detailed research and production system, the majority of ships, equipment and ammunition is produced by players. The economy is fueled by the ore and materials mined and loot collected by players and the most important drain on the economy includes the total destruction of structures, ships and goods in combat.

Instead of requiring the player to gather experience (xp), EVE has a unique skill system that eliminates the 'xp treadmill'. Skills progress by accruing skill points in real world time, even when the player is not logged in. The enormous variety of skills affecting different activities ensures that new players can become specialists in an area within reasonable time. As a result, players with old accounts do not have an unfair advantage, even though their total number of skill points will allow them more variety.

Finally, EVE benefits from a famously friendly and helpful community. It has won prizes for its interface, its graphics and in general as an MMORPG. New content and expansions has been steadily coming in since it started and has always been free for existing and new players alike.

Current EVE version: 2.08.3582
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