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Grismar's EVE Wiki : JukeboxMusic

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EVE's Jukebox Music

EVE's ingame jukebox music cannot be changed, at least not by bending the EULA rules some. The music is stored inside the resMusic.stuff file in the EVE directory and modifying that would break the rules.

It seems that CCP wanted to create a simple ingame media player, but had licensing trouble with the Fraunhofer company that owns the rights to the MP3 codec. So, it's not like CCP didn't want to or couldn't write a better ingame player; it's just that it would make the game more expensive and since we all have media players installed anyway, that would be a bit of a waste.

If you're interested in playing the game music tracks out of game, you can download the music off the websiteleaving this site (oog).

If you want to be able to control your media player from inside EVE in an unobtrusive way and you happen to be a Firefox user, you are in luck. If you install the Foxytunes add-on for Firefox, you have the option of opening the Foxytunes Mini player, which can sit perfectly at the top of your EVE window, out of the way. It interfaces with most popular media players and with the Onyxorbs skin installed, it even matches EVE in style.

Note: to use this 'always on top' gadget, you need to be playing in windowed mode. You can have your windowed mode look just like fullscreen if you make use of EVE Launcherleaving this site.

Current EVE version: 2.13.25245 (Dragon)
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