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Refining Guide (In Progress)

This Article explains the art of Refining and the skills involved to get the best possible refining of your materials.

Portions of this article are based on information from Halada's A-Z Complete Mining Guideleaving this site (oog) on the EVE Forums.

Note that this article is maintained independently from the information in the forums. Changes and corrections that appear here will not necessarily appear in the forums.

On this page:

[1.] Introduction

Refining your raw materials into refined minerials includes two important components, The refining waste, and the amount taken by the station. The refining waste is a factor of your skills at operating the refining equipment on the station. The amount of minerals taken by the station is a factor of your current standing with the corporation owning the station (NPC stations). If your standing is 0.0 with that corporation, 5% of your minerals will be taxed. If your standing is 6.67 or higher, 0.0% of your minerals will be taxed. The exact formula for calculating the reprocessing tax is here in the Formulas section of this page. For more information on standings, see this article Standing Systemleaving this site.

Idealy, when you refine you want to get 100% of your minerials back, and therefore you need a combination of the right skills and good standing with a corporation to avoid the reprocessing tax.

[2.] Skills

[2.1] General Refining Skills

[2.2] Specific Refining Skills
Increases refining efficiency by 5% for only one type per level of training. Note: Scrapmetal Processing increases efficiency for reprocessing modules and other miscellaneous items, all other skills refer to Ore types and Ice.

[3.] Formulas

[3.1] Net Yield Formula
This is formula displayed on the Reprocessing screen at a station. When you get your quote for refining, this formula dictates how much waste is produced during refining.

Formula Components:

*Note: On any given station when looking at the Reprocessing Plant screen, the displayed net yield WILL NOT calculate processing skills. The effect of processing skills will only be displayed as a reduction in the unrecoverable column amount of minerals when you receive the quote for reprocessing.

Station Refining Equipment = 50%
Your Base Refining Yield = 37.5%
Skill: Refining lvl 5 = [1.0 + (5 x 0.02)] = 1.1
Skill: Refinery Efficiency lvl 3 = [1.0 + (3 x 0.04)] = 1.12
Skill: Veldspar Processing lvl 1 = [1.0 + (1 x 0.05)] = 1.05

Calculation 1: Net Yield as Displayed on Reprocessing Screen:
0.50 + [0.375 * (1.1) * (1.12)] = 0.962 or 96.2%

Calculation 2: Net Yield as displayed in refining quote (with processing skills):
0.50 + [0.375 * (1.1) * (1.12) * (1.05)] = 0.9851 or 98.51%

[3.2] Station Tax Formula
This formula is the percentage of minerals that the station takes when reprocessing. Displayed on the quote for refining, this is the "We Take" column. This formula is dictated by the standing you have with the corporation that owns the station.

Formula Components:

Standing = 1.87784596672

[0.05 * (6.6667 - Standing)] / 6.6667 = 0.035916225668472 or 3.59%

Thus, 3.59% of your minerals will be kept by the station as seen in the "We Take" column of the reprocessing quote.

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Current EVE version: 2.13.25245 (Dragon)

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