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Grismar's EVE Wiki : StandingSystem

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The Standing System

Standing between players, corporations, factions and agents plays an important role in many aspects of EVE. This article explains what standing is, how to gain or lose it and what it affects.

What is Standing?

Standing from A to B represents how much A likes B. Standing is a one-way relationship, so A can set good standing to B, even though B has set bad standing to A. A standing of 0.00 represents perfect neutrality, -10.00 is the worst possible standing you can have with someone and having standing of +10.00 means having a perfect relationship.

A player can set standing towards other player characters, agents, corporations (player and NPC), and factions. NPC characters (agents), corporations and factions maintain standing towards player characters they've dealt with too.

Note that standing is not the same as security status. Standing to the CONCORD corporation is the same as security status, but it has many special implications, so you're best off viewing them as seperate.

Also, standing has nothing to do with whom you can attack or not. Whether or not someone is a legal target depends on their SecurityStatus or if you're at war with them.

Effective Standing

You start out at 0.00 standing to everything and everyone in the game. But there are skills that will modify base standing and raise your effective standing.

Connections will raise your effective standing towards NPC factions, corporations and their agents by 4% of the difference between the maximum 10.0 and your current standing for every skill level trained. This only works towards friendly corporations, i.e. corporations with a base standing of 0.00 or better. If the faction or corporation already has negative base standing towards you, the Diplomacy skill is applied towards your standing with them and their agents, even if you have positive standing with one of their agents.

Diplomacy will also raise your effective standing towards NPC factions, corporations and their agents by 4% of the difference between the maximum 10.0 and your current standing for every skill level trained. This skill only works for factions and corporations with whom you have negative standing.

If you want to be able to use agents from a criminal corporation, i.e. with low standing from CONCORD, you can train the Criminal Connections skill for a 4% of 10.0 (i.e. 0.40) standing bonus per level.

Why does a pilot need Standing?

Standing plays a role in these aspects of EVE:

Getting details on Standing

You can see what standing you have to someone, and what standing they have to you, by looking at their info screen, on the relationship tab of the standing tab. Your views lists your standing to them. Their views lists their standing to you. If something is part of a larger organisation, those standings will be listed too.

If you rightclick a line in the relationship screen, you can select show transactions. This will list recent changes in standing and why they were effected. The standing transaction log shows standing changes as percentages. As with the skill-based standing gains, these percentages are applied to the difference between your current standing and +10 for standing gains, or -10 for standing losses. The resulting number is added to your current standings.

If you have access to the politics tab of the corporation window, you will be able to view all standings to the corporation. If you rightclick one of the lines listing standing towards your corp, you will have the option to show compositions. This lists the standing of all corporation members, which are averaged to determine standing to the corp as a whole.

For example: if the Federation Navy corporation has non-zero standing towards three members of your corporation, e.g. 1.00, 2.00 and 6.00, the Navy's standing towards your corporation will be 3.00. This is only the case for NPC corporations. Player corporations can manually set their standing towards you and your corporation.

How to gain Standing?

The main way to gain standing with NPC agents, corporations and factions is by running missions. If you successfully complete a mission for an NPC agent, you will gain some standing with the agent personally and with the agent's corporation. The gain with the agent will be substantially higher than with the corporation.

To gain standing with a faction, you need to run missions for agents from that faction until you get offered a storyline mission. Completing that storyline mission will give you a fair boost with the faction and a very large boost with the corporation the storyline agent works for. You will also gain standing with the faction's allies and lose standing with the faction's enemies.

You can improve the amount of standing you gain by training the Social skill.

If you destroy ships that belong to a specific corporation and/or faction, you will lose standing with that corporation and/or faction. So, for instance, working for the Caldari Navy and destroying Federation Navy (Gallente) ships will NOT have you gain any standing with the Caldari Navy corporation, but will have you lose standing with both the federation Navy and the Gallente Federation faction.

Setting Standing to others

If you set standing to others, they will show up in special (configurable) colors in the overview. The overview can show seperate colors for pilots with standing of 5.00 (high) or better, standing above 0.00 (good), standing below 0.00 (bad) and standing below -5.00 (horrible).

Note that this has no other effect than a visual one. You're not automatically allowed to attack anyone, based on standing alone. You will need to declare war or the person will need very low SecurityStatus for you to be allowed to attack.

If you're a CEO or director of a player corporation, you can set standing from the corporation to other players or corporations. The setting will also change how these pilots look in the overview of all corporation members.

Current EVE version: 2.08.3582 (Exodus)

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