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Grismar's EVE Wiki : TargetJamming

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Target Jamming (ECM)

ECM, when successful causes the target to lose all of their locks and in most cases be unable to re-lock for 20 seconds.

Methods of application:

Working Mechanism:

Jamming is chance based. Every ship in eve has a characteristic known as sensor strength.

The chance to jam a target with one jammer is illustrated by the following formula:

C = J/S * 100%

Where J is the jamming strength of your jammer, S the sensor strength of the target ship and C the jamming chance in %. The chance to jam a target with multiple jammers is a simple deduction of Bernoulli's formula:

C = (1-(1-J/S)^n)*100%

Where J is the jamming strength of your jammer, S the sensor strength of the target ship, n the number of jammers and C the jamming chance in %. Computing the chance to jam with different jammers with different jamming strength against multiple targets is more for the realm of combinatorics enthusiasts, and is of little value here, so we shall not explore this further. Jammers also have an optimal and a falloff range, please refer to said article to calculate the falloff multiplier.

Note that multiplying the strength of the jammer by the falloff multiplier is incorrect, because the checking for falloff and the checking for jamming chance are two separate events - you must multiply the result from the chance calculation by the falloff multiplier to get an accurate answer.

Skills affecting:

Specialized ships:

ECM is the realm of the Caldari.


There is a direct counter available - ECCM, which gives a percentage increase to a ship's sensor strength, making it hard to jam it. It is also possible to use more than one ECCM module at a time.


A Scorpion with a pilot trained in level 5 Caldari Battleships, level 4 Signal Dispersion and running 5x T2 Multispectral Jammers on a Megathron translates to:

ECM base strength: 2.4
With bonuses applied: 2.4*1.75*1.2 = 5.04
Mega sensor strength: 21
Chance to Jam: (1-(1-5.04/21)^5)*100% = 74.64%

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