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Grismar's EVE Wiki : TradeSkills

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Trade skills

This article explains the (somewhat complicated) trade-related skills.

Before you read this article, it is highly recommended you read TradeBasics. The answer you are looking for may be in there and the article below won't make a lot of sense without it.

On this page:

What trade skills are there?

The trade skills can be categorized in 3 groups of skills:

Skills affecting the number of orders

By default you can only have 5 outstanding orders. The skills Trade, Retail, Wholesale and Tycoon increase the total number of orders you can have outstanding by 4, 8, 16 and 32 per level, respectively. So, the maximum number of outstanding orders you can achieve is 5 + 4*5 + 8*5 ... = 305.

Skills affecting costs

The default tax rate on sales is 1% of the total sale value. With Accounting, you can take 10% off of that per level, reducing it to 0.5% at level V.

Broker Relations
The default broker fee is 1% of the total sale value, with a minimum of 100 isk. With Broker Relations, you can take 5% off that per level, reducing it to 0.75%. You can also reduce the fee by increasing standing with the corporation and faction that owns the station where you set up the sell order. (Note: people still disagree about the exact effect of standing on the fee)

Margin Trading
By default you have to place the entire isk-value of a buy order in market escrow (this has nothing to do with regular escrow) if you're putting one up. With Margin Trading you can reduce this amount. Instead of having to pay it all when you put up the order, you pay the remainder when someone actually sells you something. Each level of Margin Trading takes 25% off. So, at level I, you still have to pay 75%, at level II it's 56.25%, at III it's 42.18%, at IV it's 31.64% and ultimately at level V it's 23.73%.

Remote orders

By default, you can only setup buy and sell orders at the station you are at. Buy and sell orders are visible in the entire region, to everyone.

Procurement and Marketing
To setup sell orders of items you have in remote stations, you need Marketing. To setup buy orders remotely, you need Procurement. These skills allow you to setup orders in other stations (in the same system) at level I. At level II, you can setup orders within 5 jumps. Every next level doubles that, until at level V, you can setup orders all over the region.

To setup remote sell orders, open your assets and rightclick the item you want to sell. From there, you can setup the remote sell order in advanced mode. To setup remote buy orders, find the item you want to buy in the market, browse or search for it. Click on that market item to view its "sellers" and "buyers" inbetween thoose windows there is a button "Place buy order". When you press that button a buy order window will pop-up in advanced mode and the station will be click-able.

If you decide you've made a mistake setting up an order, instead of cancelling it and losing the broker's fee, you can modify it. However, you can only modify an order in the station you are at, unless you have Daytrading. The range increases similar to Marketing and Procurement.

By default, buy orders are visible to everyone in the entire region, but to actually fill the buy order, people need to come to the station where you set it up. Unless you set the range to system, region or specify a number of jumps from the station. Then people fill the order at any station within range.

For remote buy orders of, this does not work, unless you have Visibility. At level I, you can set range to system on remote buy orders. At level II, you can set range to 5 jumps. At every next level, the range you can set for the buy order doubles, with the entire region covered at level V. However, training Visibility to V is not recommended, because if you want to place a region-wide buy order, you might as well place it locally.

Current EVE version: 2.09.3913 (Bloodlines)

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