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Websites that require trust

This article explains what trust means in the IGB, how to configure the IGB to trust sites or not to and what information your IGB will send to the website. If you're a developer, you probably want to know how to get trust and what information is available too.

Sometimes the IGB will ask you whether you trust a page you are about to visit. Most people will not trust the page, often because the small window offers no decent explanation of why you should trust it.

So, what really happens if you trust a webpage from the IGB and is it dangerous? And if you trust a page, what exactly are you trusting? If you trust a site, you're also trusting all the sites that start with the same URL, but possibly have something added to it. For instance, if you trust http://eve.grismar.netleaving this site (IGB) you will automatically trust this site (IGB) and this site (IGB). But you won't automatically trust all of http://grismar.netleaving this site, since the 'eve.' bit is missing.

You can add or remove sites from the list of trusted ones, by opening the IGB. In the options select trusted sites. To remove sites, select them from the list and hit remove. To add a site, enter the URL (or the first part of it) and hit add. Don't forget to type the http:// part of the URL when adding sites.

Why it is dangerous

Once you trust a website, the IGB will start sending an invisible piece of information along, every time it starts to get a webpage. This is called a header. The client sends it to the server when requesting a new webpage and the server sends a similar one to the client when it responds with the requested page. Now, this header contains some information about your character.

This means that whoever owns the server you are requesting a page from (and are trusting), could store this information on his server, or even make it public. If your character is in a war or in dangerous territory, this could be dangerous. So, don't trust just anyone. Some pages won't work unless you trust them; the server can tell if you trust it or not. In such cases it's up to you to decide if the owner of the website is trustworthy. You'll be providing him with quite a few details about your character.

Why it is not dangerous

The IGB never changes anything in the game. You can't lose bookmarks, isk, ships, items, skillpoints or anything else in the game because of anything the IGB does. It just shows you information. In the worst case, the IGB might crash trying to display a page but it will do that regardless of trust.

Also, apart from the information in the header, the IGB doesn't allow the owner of the page access to any information. So, there's no way to find out what you are flying, what your skills are, etc. This information is safe, though future versions of the IGB might change this.

Current EVE version: 2.08.3582 (Exodus)

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