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Grismar's EVE Wiki : TypeID

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Type ID's

This article explains what typeID's are, how they relate to itemID and how to use them in IGB pages.

The article is fairly technical and does not relate to gameplay. It will be mainly interesting to developers looking to write tools or pages for the game, or players who need to know a little more about how the game works internally.

What is a type ID?

EVE uniquely identifies each assembled ingame item with an itemID. But every item starts out exactly the same as every other item of the same type. There's no difference between one Bantam you build and the next one. This type is uniquely identified with the typeID.

For example, the typeID of the Thorax is 627. You can see this number pop up in various places, for example on the Thorax page in the item databaseleaving this site on

The typeID is the main identifier linking many tables in the EVE database together, relating the records that contain them to a specific item type. If you're interested in getting a copy of the EVE database and browse it a little, get a copy of the data export.

Uses for the typeID

Apart from querying the EVE database with it, you would do well to use the typeID in your own database to uniquely identify item types, if you want to make it easy to link yours to other EVE related databases.

You can also use it on webpages in the IGB to link to 'show info' dialogs about the item type. To create a link to the Thoraxleaving this site info, you can simply add something like: <a href="showinfo:627">Thorax</a>.

Note that these links won't work in browsers outside the game, they will not recognize the "showinfo" protocol. Also note that the linking to the item database that happens from this Wiki isn't automatic, a seperate database connects the typeID's to their respective item database pages.

Current EVE version: 4.10.45943 (Trinity 1.0.1)

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