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Grismar's EVE Wiki : WritingPages

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Writing pages for this wiki

If you have an article to contribute, or want to edit an existing article, you will have to register on this website and log in to start editing. You will need to think of a WikiName before you register, to use as a username. Some pages will still be off limits but most are open to all. This article will tell you a bit about what will be expected of you when you write pages for this wiki. You may also want to read about AdvancedFeatures and WritingForIGB.

Before writing anything, take a look at the FormattingRules, since writing a wiki page is similar to writing html, but you need to learn a simple, new set of symbols. Once you've familiarized yourself with that, you can go over to the SandBox and try out what you want to do, without maiming an existing page.

If you start writing a page, think about what the actual topic is you want to write about. Can the topic be clearly seperated into a few smaller, but still worthwhile topics? For instance, if you're writing about turrets, you would want to seperate weapons from miners. Is what you want to write about best represented by an article, or should you rather build something interactive? For instance, when designing a very complex table of ores and minerals, you might want to consider writing a calculator or searchable database instead.

Once you've settled on a topic and have an idea of what the content of the page will be like, think carefully about a WikiNameleaving this site for it. Once you pick one, you're stuck with it. And although you don't actually have to use it to link to it, other people might. Pick a good one that's as concise as possible. So, when writing about mining turrets, MiningTurrets would be a good name, but Mining Lasers (without space) or Ultimate Mining Guide (without spaces) would not.

If you find an article elsewhere, don't just copy the text into the wiki. If the text is IGB compatible, link to it with a short description and mark it '(IGB)'. If it isn't, link it and mark it '(oog)' or contact the original author and ask him to contribute the text to the wiki (or at least ask for permission to copy the text).

Before you start adding new content to the wiki, search the wiki for a similar article. Consider whether it wouldn't be a better idea to add your information to it. At the very least, if the content overlaps, add some links to your article, especially where your article differs from the existing one. And play nice and link back in the same fashion.

If you don't know a topic to write about, but really want to write anyway, take a look at the WantedPages.

Basic page layout

Every page should have (in this order):

Rules of thumb for writing

  1. Be brief
    Once you finish writing a few paragraphs, check them for length and errors. If at all possible ask someone else to review your post rightaway. Try rewriting long sentences into shorter ones. Writing is hard, don't feel bad about taking some time to write a short article.
  2. Keep your opinion to yourself
    Easier said than done and not exactly set in stone. But in general, it's best to try write objectively. If you're writing an article about fitting the Thorax, you will probably want to focus on its strengths and if you like the ship, there's no reason to hide that. But be fair.
  3. Don't write about yourself
    With the exception your personal page, try to keep yourself out of your writing. Don't write "I think the Thorax is the best ship there is". Either write "The Thorax is the best ship there is" and write some undeniable proof to go along with that, or don't write it at all. This point is similar to the previous one, but worth making twice.
  4. Be critical of your own writing
    Even harder, this one. Once you finish writing, try reading it back as a forum post. What negative comments would you expect? Are there ways to prevent that, like including something about those points yourself? Don't go overboard though, you also want to keep it brief, remember?

Use the Preview button before storing your article. It allows you to reread the text as it will appear and will make formatting errors apparent. Re-edit and preview again until you're satisfied with the result. Then store it.

Although you can use the IGB for ingame editing, doing so in an oog browser is probably a better idea. If you get disconnected from the server or the client 'goes wrong' for some other reason, you don't want to lose your work. It's possible, just not advisable.

If you write a page, but don't have all the information it should have, add the Category Unfinished (without the space) to the bottom. This will make it appear on the list of unfinished pages and will allow editors to quickly identify articles that need serious work.

Related: WantedPages, AdvancedFeatures and WritingForIGB.

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