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Grismar's EVE Wiki : JumpClones

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Jump clones

Since RMR, you are able to buy so-called jump clones. They seem slightly mysterious and this article is intended to clear up some of the mystery.

What is a jump clone?

You're probably familiar with clones used in the event of player death. Those clone are called "skill clones" or medical clones. They preserve your skill points up to the maximum level of skill points allowed for a given clone grade.

A jump clone is different: you can actively 'jump' into a jump clone instead of having to die to active it.

When you activate a jump clone, your current body, with all its implants, is left behind at the station where you are. Your old body effectively turns into a new jump clone and you can jump back into it later. After jumping, you have to wait for at least 24 hours before jumping into another clone. Think of it as jumping with your 'mind' or 'soul' between the bodies. You bring all your skills and standings, but leave the body (and its implants) behind.

Both skill clones and jump clones are purchased at medical facilities in stations. But you can also get a jump clone installed aboard a capital vessel that has Clone Vat Baysleaving this site fitted. By far, the only type of ships that may use Clone Vat Bays are Motherships and the Rorqual.

If you die (get podded), your jump clone is not affected at all. You will end up wherever your skill clone is and all your jump clones will still be available. Your skill clones are independant of your jumpclones, so even if you have a jump clone somewhere, you still need a skill clone to make sure you don't lose skillpoints when you die.

What do I need to get a jump clone?

You need at least one level in the skill Informorph Psychology. Every level in that skill will allow an additional jump clone.

Since the Revelations patch, you or the corporation you belong to need to have 8.00 standing with the corporation that owns the station where you want to buy the jump clone, there is no longer a requirement for both standings to be 8.0. This standing may be achieved by training the Connections skill. This makes jump clones much easier to acquire than before and the rule-bending described below becomes unnecessary (note that that section is left over from before these changes and may still benefit some players).

How to bend the rules

If you have 8.00 standing with the corp that owns the station you want to buy a jump clone at, but your corp doesn't, here's a way to fix that: start a new corporation with you as its CEO. With only you in the corporation, your corporation as a whole will eventually have the same standing, i.e. 8.00 with the NPC corporation.

Note that your corporation's standings are balanced towards the members' average over time. The balancing process is triggered for an NPC entity (faction or corporation) as soon as a member has registered a standing change (gain or loss) with that entity. CCP's regular database maintenance frequently wipes that trigger and you will have to trigger another change after a database maintenance to reinitiate the balancing process.

A quicker way to go about it is simply to quit your corporation for a short time. By doing so, you will automatically join an NPC corp in your faction. This corp will normally have the necessary standing with other NPC corps in the same faction, so for example, if you are Gallente, and have achieved 8.0 standing with Federation Navy, then quitting your corp will put you in Aliastra, and you will then be able to buy the jump clone at a Federation Navy station with medical services.

You may also choose to use another player corporation's services to obtain a jump clone.

Several player corporations now offer to hire you for a short period of time to help you obtain a jump clone. If such a player corporation has the required standing with the station owner and you either have that standing as well or none at all, you can then install a jump clone and leave the corporation afterwards.

When a player does not have any standing with the station owner whatsoever, his corporation's standing are taken into account instead instead, i.e. the corporation's standing are effectively checked twice. And since the standing check is only made when you install the jump clone, you are then free to use and transfer your jump clone as you like even after leaving that service corporation.

If you already have a jump clone somewhere, for instance at an outpost, you can jump into that clone from any station with a medical facility. Your old body will be left behind at the station, no matter your standing with the owner of the station. Effectively, you will have installed a jump clone at that station and you will be able to jump back into it later!

Activating Your Jump Clone

Once you have a jump clone installed, you can activate it from your character sheet after momentarily aborting your current skill training. Note that you can only jump into a new jump clone once every 24 hours. Your old body is left behind as an inactive jump clone. You can return to it, or jump to yet another inactive jump clone, after waiting 24 hours.

You are free to equip your new body with implants, e.g. special hardwire implants to help you fulfill a certain role in fleet combat as a specialized clone pilot. If your new body is destroyed, your skill clone will automatically activate and you will only lose the implants you had plugged in at the time of death. Your original body will still be intact and available to you as a new jump clone.

Can Jump Clones be lost?

Yes, if the location your clone is at gets destroyed, so will the jump clone and any implants that were on it (e.g. when the Mothership that is carrying your Jump Clone get destroyed, The installed Jump Clone is lost).

Careful, careful

You can never have two inactive jump clones at the same station. Due to the way game mechanics work, it is possible to lose implants if you are not careful.

Suppose you have the following clones:
In Jita, you have a clone contract.
In Jita, you have an inactive jump clone with a memory implant.
In Rens, you have an inactive jump clone with a willpower implant.
In Agil, you have an active clone, with a perception implant.

At any time, if you are podkilled, you will wake up in Jita, at which point you will have an active clone and an inactive jump clone, both in Jita. Your skill clone will preserve whatever number of skillpoints you have saved in the clone contract, regardless of which jump clone died. The skillpoints saved is a property of the skill clone that is created when you die, not of the clone that was killed.

Note that it is safe to create a jump clone at a station where you already have a skill clone. You will have two clones at that station, one inactive jump clone and one skill clone which will only be activated if you get podded.

Now suppose that you fly your active clone from Agil to Rens. You will now have an active clone and an inactive jumpclone in Rens.

If you try to install a second jumpclone in Rens, the game will refuse to install it. You will not lose anything.

If you try to jumpclone from Rens to Jita, the inactive clone in Rens will be destroyed and replaced with the clone containing the perception implant. You will lose the inactive clone and its willpower implant. The game will warn you and allow you to cancel the clonejump.

If you try to jumpclone from your current body in Rens with the perception implant, to your inactive jumpclone in Rens with the willpower implant, the actual results will be that the inactive clone and the willpower implant will be destroyed, and you will stay in your current body with the perception implant. The game will warn you and allow you to cancel the clonejump.

Jump Clone Services

The following corporations with IGB compatible sites are known to offer jump clone access:

Current EVE version: 2.09.3900 (Bloodlines)

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