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Grismar's EVE Wiki : UltimateMiningSetups

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Ultimate Mining Setups

This article describes the best possible mining setups and discusses the best path to them, if you're just starting out.


The ultimate in mining are the barges and their Tech II variants, the exhumers. The Strip Miner modules can only be fitted on barges and the three Strip Miner Ileaving this site you can fit to a Covetorleaving this site will outmine any battleship setup for mining.

Best possible setup

The best possible setup for mining ore (not ice) is a Hulkleaving this site, with three Modulated Strip Miner IIleaving this site with Tech II crystals matching the ore you want to mine. Flying the hulk already requires training Astrogeology to level V and Mining to level IV. By training mining to level V, you get another 5% bonus. You can also fit two Mining Laser Upgrade Ileaving this site on a Hulk in addition to the three lasers.

Training Mining Foreman to level V and getting the two +5% yield mining implants Michi's Excavation Augmentorleaving this site (slot 7) and Hardwiring - Inherent Implants 'Highwall' HX-2leaving this site (slot 10) will further increase your yield for a total of about 1730 ore per strip miner per cycle of 180 seconds.

The drone hold of a Hulk will hold 5 Harvester Mining Droneleaving this site, adding a yield of 150 ore units per 60 seconds, so the total for the Hulk comes to 5640 ore units per 180 seconds, or 1880 per minute.

If you have 2 characters (or a buddy in your gang) and you're all about mining, it pays to put the buddy in a similar setup, except that they won't need the Mining Foreman skill, since the best leadership skill in the gang applies. However, if the gang grows large enough, it will pay to have a mining director along. With Squadron Command and Mining Director to level V and as a result Mining Foreman to level V, a character flying a Fleet Command ship like the Claymoreleaving this site or another battlecruiser with a Command Processorleaving this site will be able to fit a Mining Foreman Link - Crystal Optimizationleaving this site and a Mining Foreman Link - Drone Coordinationleaving this site.

The crystal optimization will yield a 15% reduction (thanks to Mining Director and Squadron Command) to laser cycle time. If the mining director has a Mining Foreman Mindlinkleaving this site (slot 10), this goes up to 22.5%. The drone coordination will increase yield from drones by 15% or 22.5% (with implant).

The Battlecruiser itself can fit a set of Modulated Deep Core Miner IIleaving this site. In the case of the Sleipnirleaving this site, with 4 Co-Processor IIleaving this site, a Mining Laser Upgrade Ileaving this site and a Command Processorleaving this site, a total of 6 Modulated Deep Core Miner II's can be fitted in addition to the two Foreman Link modules. The pilot of the Sleipnir can also have one of the two mining implants, assuming he has the Foreman Mindlink in the other slot. The Sleipnir will then be able to mine about 397.93 * 6 = 2387 units per 180 seconds. Adding yield for 4 Harvester drones brings the total to 2747 ore units per 180 seconds, or 915 per minute. Since the Sleipnir will only participate as a mining director, we can apply those bonuses as well, for an extra 22.5%, totaling 1121 ore units per minute.

Now, 2 Hulks will pull in 3760 ore units per minute. 3 Hulks will pull in 5640 ore units per minute. 2 Hulks and a Sleipnir (with the Sleipnir's bonuses applied) will pull in 5727 ore units per minute. So, with 2 perfectly fitted Hulks in a gang, it will pay to put in a perfectly fitted Sleipnir next, instead of another Hulk.


For reference, here are the calculations used to reach the conclusions above.

Fitting Overview

For a gang of three pilots, this is perfect:

Current EVE version: 2.09.3913 (Bloodlines)

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