EVE Launcher

Note that version 1.0.4 has been released especially for Revelations II. Work on 2.0 continues and will contain further fixes, requested features, etc. Note that 1.0.4 is NOT compatible with Vista, nor were the previous versions

Most of the longtime users of my ShiftWindow tool turn out to be EVE Online players. From time to time I get feature requests from them. However, all of those requests were rather specific to the game, so I decided to write a special purpose EVE Launcher instead.

(most recent version 1.0.4, as of 17 June 2006)


[ Screen shot ]

Although I was able to reuse (and improve upon) a lot of the code from ShiftWindow, EVE Launcher is very different. Here's a brief overview of the features:

If you're wondering why I stopped there and didn't log you in automatically and possibly even select your character for you: that would be breaking the Eve Online EULA, in my opinion.

EVE Launcher doesn't manipulate the game client in any way that actually influences the game. It just touches the EVE window from the 'outside' so to speak. Also, because of thise, EVE Launcher doesn't need your account data, subscription details or other personal information, to give you that cosy safe feeling.