Help / FAQ

Why can't I enter any settings?

Start with a client nickname. Then point EVE Launcher to your EVE directory. Then make the other settings like hotkeys or what screen you want to position the client on for semi-fullscreen.

I'm trying to enter field X, but it just refuses.

Keep an eye on the statusbar at the bottom of the window. It's probably telling you what the problem is with what you're trying to enter. If that doesn't make sense either, try contacting me.

Why can't I assign this hotkey?

If you already used a hotkey for one function, you might not be able to assign it to another. The reason for this is that it wouldn't make sense to, for instance, reposition a client with its hotkey and then hide it with the bosskey at the same time. An alternative would have been to just throw away the old hotkey assignment, but that could have turned out nasty if you counted on it to work in a pinch and then it didn't. So, I decided to keep it like this.

Is it safe to use EVE Launcher?

I tried to write a safe application. And it doesn't need your account information, character information or any other personal data. However, to err is human and if you find anything wrong with it that you consider unsafe, please let me know.

Is it legal to use EVE Launcher?

I took great care not to write something that would violate the EULA. Violating the EULA isn't illegal though. But violating it could result in you losing your account and I don't want you blaming me for that. EVE Launcher is nothing like macro software or other nefarious software used to cheat. EVE Launcher makes playing EVE more pleasant, but doesn't give you an unfair advantage over other players.

Does using EVE Launcher hurt my PC's performance?

On my PC, I can hardly tell the difference. But if you experience added lag or other technical issues, please let me know.

EVE looks worse when I use the positioning feature.

Then your configuration of window size in EVE doesn't match the resolution of the screen you're positioning it on. Read the semi-fullscreen page for instructions.

I deleted my settings twice, I want the old ones back.

If you hit the 'Clear settings' button twice, without undoing inbetween (with the undo button that appears next to the 'Clear settings' button), you're out of luck. EVE Launcher only keeps 1 backup of your cache and/or settings.